Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Recommendations on Marriage

I am convinced that the best thing we can do
to defend marriage is to live our own
marriages in a truly Catholic way.

Dear Friend in Christ,
Everywhere you turn these days it seems like the Catholic understanding of marriage and the family is under attack.  We’re told “You Catholics have a narrow, outdated idea of what makes a family” or “your church oppresses women.”  I am convinced that the best thing we can do to defend marriage is to live our own marriages in a truly Catholic way. We must convert ourselves before we have a hope of converting our culture—this is the very heart of the New Evangelization!
The first step to conversion is prayer. And no prayer is more perfect than the one Our Lord Himself taught us, the “Our Father.” Click here to download a free copy of my book on the Lord’s Prayer.
But we also need to know what we are talking about. We have to really understand the teaching of the Church if we are going to share that teaching with our neighbors. The St. Paul Center’s publishing arm, Emmaus Road Publishing, is having a sale with some my favorite titles on marriage at great prices. These books will help you go deeper.
“The nursery rhyme concludes that Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put together again. Some people today think that marriage faces the same situation….Fortunately, many people are willing to keep up the good fight—and believe it is winnable, indeed, must be won. Among them are the contributors to Catholic for a Reason IV: Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life.”
-Bishop R. Daniel Conlon Diocese of Joliet, Illinois
“This book is not what you expect. It is not what you’ve read before. It is an eye-opener for the importance of the question; for defining a clear alternative to androcentrism (male chauvinism), feminist fundamentalism, and a lukewarm compromise between them; and for a profoundly scriptural view of authority— one of the most disastrously misunderstood concepts in our culture.”
Peter Kreeft, Author and Professor of Philosophy
at Boston College
These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body
“Emily Stimpson cracks open St. John Paul II’s revolutionary teachings in a way that few others have done, revealing layers of depth and richness that many of us never knew were there.”
-Jennifer Fulwiler, Convert, Author, Speaker
In addition to these books, there are hundreds of other titles with huge discounts at Emmausroad.orgPlease join me in committing to growing deeper in both our living out of family life and our understanding of it. Let’s show the world what Christian marriage looks like!

Yours in Christ,
Scott Hahn

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